Features Of Permanent Magnet Wind Turbine Generator

Features Of Permanent Magnet Wind Turbine Generator插图

1. The permanent magnet generator rotor adopts rare earth permanent magnet steel, no external excitation, no carbon brush, no sparks, no excitation winding, high motor rotor strength, no excitation control box, high generator efficiency, compact structure, and high reliability. The volume-to-weight ratio of the electric excitation generator with the same parameters is reduced by 30%, which reduces the construction cost.

2. Low-speed permanent magnet generators can output higher voltages at low speeds, eliminating the need for gearbox speed-ups, etc. The fan directly drives the generators to improve system efficiency. Permanent magnet generators are suitable for variable-speed operation of wind power generation. They are durable and not easy to be damaged. They operate efficiently in the entire speed range. With a wind power controller and inverter, perfect protection and automatic grid connection can be realized.

3. Protection level: IP54, to prevent water, mud, and dust from entering the inside of the motor, and has a long service life. It is especially suitable for field needs. It is widely used in wind power, hydropower, ocean power, and other new energy power generation occasions.

4. The generator is air-cooled or water-cooled, and the temperature is low. The motor uses imported oil-containing bearings, maintenance-free, high reliability, and long click life. The motor voltage, speed, power, and other parameters can be changed according to the needs, and the generator can be made into a horizontal or horizontal type. It can use spline shaft extension, double shaft extension, front end stop output, etc., and can be treated with three preventions.

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