Permanent Magnet Alternator

Our permanent magnet alternator is an eco-friendly electro-mechanical device because of exceedingly less mechanical power consumption and maximized power output. Permanent magnet alternators are way more compact as compared to synchronous generators and allow simplified mechanical integration thanks to the fact that they are directly driven by the rotor and therefore, more efficient than the ac asynchronous generator.  The permanent magnet alternator has excessively less weight and length. Our permanent magnet alternator is designed with ultra-superior technology to increase efficiency with a complete power output system. The permanent magnet alternator is by principle a multiphase AC synchronous machine and more particularly a 3-phase machine delivering a balanced system of AC voltages and currents, in which both stator and rotor magnetic fields are rotating synchronously at the same speed without any slip.

Applications Of Permanent Magnet Generator

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The five turbines of the Block Island Wind Farm off the coast of Rhode Island. (Jesse Costa/WBUR)

Low-speed, direct-drive PMGs operate without any gearbox and fast-rotating parts, resulting in increased reliability and superior drive train efficiency. The typical speed range is between 10rpm and 20rpm.

The generator can be designed with a segmented stator construction. This provides redundancy and makes it possible to repair the generator in the nacelle without full disassembly. Optionally, our generator design can use the generator bearing as a turbine main bearing to integrate the turbine brake system into the generator construction. Benefits are simplicity, fewer components, and therefore, higher reliability.

With the rising cost of electricity, an increasing number of populations are looking for an alternate source of energy and permanent magnet generators fit this gap perfectly. These generators can also reduce the strain on the environment as they do not use any non-renewable sources of energy to produce electricity.

These devices do not consume any environmental resources to produce energy and thus are environmentally friendly. Besides, no wastage or by-products are generated from these devices in the process of energy generation. Environmental experts recommend the use of permanent magnet generators as these can reduce the impact of pollution by up to 50% percent.

Advantages of The Wind PM generators

High availabilityExtremely high availability due to simple and robust design
Outstanding system
Superior efficiency over the entire wind speed range, even at partial loads, resulting in higher efficiency and increased AEP rates.
Optimal designOptimized and tailored to each wind turbine and the environment in which it will operate.
Minimal maintenanceHighly serviceable design speeds up maintenance routines. PMG technology eliminates wearing parts, ensuring fewer failures and significantly reducing the need for maintenance.
Superior grid connection behaviorThe PMG coupled with a full-power converter provides future-proof grid code compliance, including fault ride-through and 100% reactive power compensation capability.

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